Novel vs. Graphic Novel

Ms. Doyle's Class has been working on comparing a novel and graphic novel. Below are the directions for using Glogster and what is expected of your Glog. They will open up in a new window as a word document. I hope you find them useful for completing your project. Don't forget to complete a Venn Diagram as well. That will be scanned and posted on your Glog.

Here are some examples of completed glogs:

The Vampire's Assistant
Good-bye Marianne
Mary-Anne Saves the Day
The Tale of Desperaux
The Vampire Prince
Mike's Mystery

Dewey Decimal Glogs

Students in Ms. Towns's 4th grade class created online posters called glogs. Students were assigned a section of the Dewey Decimal System. Then they each decided on four important types of books that are found in that section. Students then found book covers that represented the types of books. Click here to see a sample of their finished products.

6th Grade State Wikis

Ms. Roger's class researched a state and posted their information on a Wiki. You can see their work here: State Website

Ms. Jones's class is starting their research as well. However, testing in the computer lab means that most students will complete their Wiki's at home. Students without a computer at home will be creating a poster for their state. For those of you currently working on this project, here are some helpful materials:

Wiki Rubric
Poster Rubric


To see a sample of last year's work, click here