2nd Grade VoiceThreads
Mrs. VerSchave's 2nd graders have been studying Life Cycles in Science. To show what the students have learned, they are creating VoiceThreads, slid shows that allow for voiceovers. Students selected an animal to study. After reseaching and writing about their animal, they selected a picture to represent each stage of their cycle. Students then recorded their thoughts and information about the picture.

4th Grade Glogs
Ms. Doyle's 4th grade class researched inventions and the inventors who created them using the CPS databases. Students completed a graphic organizer about their invention. Students then used the information to create a web poster called a Glog. The glogs include text, images, links and voice recordings. The Glogs were all graded according to a rubric created by Ms. Doyle and Mrs. Bell.

6th Grade Wikis
In April, the students of Ms. Roger's 6th grade class researched poetry. As part of this assignment, the students researched a type of poetry, a poet who used that form, and then wrote their own poem based on that technique. The students documented their research in a Wiki. Students followed a set design for what pages to have and what to include on each page. Below are a few examples:

Young Authors 2010
Congratulations to Pirie's Young Authors